Smash 64 Online

You have seen the posts, the discussion, and the VODs of competitive online Smash 64 but you don't know how and where to start. We have put together a simple guide to starting online.


Step 1: The Controller

You will need two things to properly play online as if it was on console:

1. A controller

  • Original N64 Controller
  • HORI 64 Controller
  • Gamecube
  • Others like Keyboard, Xbox, or PS controllers are used as well. Learn more here.

2. Raphnet V3 Adapter (Buy one here)


Step 2: The Emulator

Download the emulator here.

Now it is time to setup your plugins; open your emulator and go to Options > Settings to select Plugins.

Video Plugin

  • Set to "Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6"

Audio Plugin

  • Set to "Azimer's Audio v0.30"

Input Plugin

  • Set to "Raphnetraw for Project 64 Version 0.9.4". Download here and put into folder "Plugins"

Note: All parties must close and reopen their emulators AFTER changing plugins BEFORE starting a new session for inputs to work (even if you just rearrange the lobby). 


Step 3: The Game

Now that you have your emulator setup, you will need a game to play with. We will not link the ROM here so please search online for the Super Smash Bros (U) version of the ROM.

Smash 64 Discord:

  • Join here. You can find games with other people here who use the RAW plugin. If they don't use RAW like you, you may have to switch to the NRage plugin in your settings or ask them to turn on RAW data.
    • Soon this won't be a problem since more people are starting to use the RAW configuration.

How to use a ROM: 

  • In emulator, File > Choose ROM Directory... > Assign the folder where your ROM is > Refresh Rom List or Press F5. Load ROM or play by double-clicking it on the directory.

Enable Cheats (File)

Replace your old "Project64.cht" file with the one above. If for some reason you'd save your old cheat file, rename it to something else.

Required Cheats (Options > Gameshark Codes > "Have")

"All Characters"

"Mushroom Kingdom/Item Switch Menu/Sound Test"

ethernet logo.png

Step 4: Netplay

Now that you have setup everything, you can start playing online. 

NOTE: Do not play on WIFI; use an ethernet cable.

To begin:

  1. In Emulator, Select File
  2. Start Netplay
    1. Set Connection Setting to "LAN (60 Packet/s)"
  3. Optional:
    1. Under Change Mode, you play other ways
      1. P2P (Better almost always, requires host to give the opponent an IP address) If you decide to host, you will need to open up your ports in your router. (More instructions here)
      2. Client (Servers)  Either go to Master Servers List or use the ones below. Make sure you tell them you're on RAW, otherwise, there may be desync issues.
        1. Seattle Pizza Server -
        2. Smash Chicago U -
        3. Smash Central -
        4. Fighting Atlanta Gamers -
      3. Playback (Used to playback games using the emulators recording feature)




    • This occurs when your opponent starts to randomly kill themselves and act like they're not fighting you. In this case, you have desynced. Drop the game and restart.
    • It happens when you don't have the same plugins, same ROM, same cheats on, or not using RAW data if you have Raphnetraw 0.9.4.
  • If it is something not in this guide, please refer to the more detailed guide by PIZZA or the Smash 64 Discord to ask the moderators for additional help.

You may also email us at for some help as well.